Ageing Gracefully…

In life, we perform in many ways.  Can we maintain or enhance our physical performance and health while ageing gracefully?  Is it possible to slow down ageing, stay healthy and fit, minimize aches and pains, reduce stress, avoid being sick and keep our minds sharp and our moods positive?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a long history in Asian countries, with a special focus on maintaining optimal health throughout  the ageing process.

According to TCM theory, one’s physical health depends on harmonious functioning of bodily organs, balanced emotional expression and the ability to adapt to different environments with dynamic balance between yin and yang.  

The principle of the “Five Elements” explains how internal organs, systems, emotions and physiological health are interconnected.  In TCM, understanding how the liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys function along with our immunity play a central role in slowing down the ageing process as a result of cell regeneration.

According to TCM theory, age-related changes are brought about by the accumulation of metabolic waste, internal deficiencies, and the degeneration of vital organs, all of which can be managed.  The effectiveness of TCM relies on its large variety of naturally active herbs, multiple targets for therapy and diversity of treatment approaches. 

Some of the most dramatic transcriptional changes that occur during ageing are associated with immunity.  In addition to an appropriate regular regimen of exercise, which can ameliorate the deleterious effects of stress on our immune system, TCM supplements can help us age gracefully, live healthier and enhance our overall performance.  It’s all about maintaining balance.

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Organ SystemsHYY Products (recommended)
Immune System HealthI’m-Yunity® 
Respiratory HealthCordyzenTM
Cardiovascular HealthH-CareTM
Spleen and Overall HealthI’m-Yunity®
Kidney and Bone HealthEquiquard®
Sports HealthSportChiTM
Vital Energy Health & Brain HealthGinzenTM

Immune Health

A Premium Herbal Mushroom Extract for Immune Balance, I’m-Yunity®

Do you and your family want to remain healthy and maintain a good quality of life?

The body’s immune system plays a major role in the body’s fight against disease, which can include pathological microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and toxins. Our immune system also keeps surveillance on any abnormal cells or any abnormal changes in the cells of the body that are recognized as foreign by the immune system. If our immune system is weakened, our body cannot efficiently fight disease and lead to serious health problems. Having no sign of illness does not mean that you are healthy. In TCM, most people’s health condition is defined as being in a “sub-health” state. People in this state have weaker immune systems. The purpose of healthcare is to lower the possibility of developing health problems and to maintain good health. “Prevention better than cure” is the old adage.

I’m-Yunity® has a solid track record for supporting immune health and enhancing quality of life by maintaining good energy levels and appetite. It is a well-researched mushroom herbal extract with a unique proprietary ingredient- polysaccharopeptide (PSP), which is extracted from the Chinese mushroom Yun-Zhi COV-1 mycelia strain of Coriolus versicolor. Scientific evidence has shown that PSP possesses immune supporting benefits and enhances immune surveillance. It is also antiviral, antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and, can improve gut health by acting as a prebiotic to modulate human intestinal microbiome composition.

Sports Health

A Herbal Supplement for Sports Health, SportChiTM

Do you want to maintain a healthy exercise regimen? Need to improve your memory, mood, physical and mental performance?

In TCM, healthy Chi and blood flow are essential elements in maintaining active brain and organ functions as well as keeping muscles and joints in working order. 

SportChiTM is designed to nourish Chi (vital energy), promote healthy blood circulation, remove blood stasis,clears the lungs, calm the mind, and help relieve pain. It is made with extracts of rhodiola and ginkgo leaf. The ingredients are well known for the benefits of restoring the body’s homeostasis and an ability to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting the physiological processes. They help to improve oxygen utilization, boost memory and support healthy brain function, support healthy mood and improve energy production as well as boost health maintenance in high attitudesIn other words, by supporting organ function and promoting circulation, SportChiTM facilitates the body to recharge from an exhaustive state, both mentally and physically. The herbal supplement also protects the body against a variety of chemical, biological and physical stressors, and allows our body to handle different stressful situations.

Respiratory Health

A Herbal Supplement for Respiratory Maintenance, CordyzenTM

Do you suffer from shallow breathing, lack of energy, accumulation of phlegm or poor respiratory function? Do you want to have good overall health?

Respiratory health is often overlooked but is important especially if you live in an area of high pollution or if you lead a busy and stressful lifestyle that weakens your body’s resistance to illness.

TCM views respiratory health uniquely. It is controlled by two important systems. The lungs control our body’s perspiration process where “turbid” gas or air from the body is unleashed or vented back out into the atmosphere. Inspiration, on the other hand is controlled by both the lungs and kidneys. The lung controls the “descending and clearing process” of the body while the “receiving process” is ruled by the kidneys. Without the support of the kidneys, our breathing will appear shallow and we won’t be able to breathe properly. Therefore, the kidneys also play an important role in maintaining respiratory health. 

Physical exhaustion and lack of exercise are also harmful to the spleen and our overall respiratory health. Additionally, the lungs in TCM rule Chi (vital energy), skin, and the regulation of water channels in the body. The kidneys in turn rule water and reproductive activities, and are considered the root of congenital life. CordyzenTM is a cultivated cordyceps herbal supplement which maintains both lung and kidney functions while benefiting our body’s essence and Chi (vital energy). By invigorating the lungs and kidneys, CordyzenTM is an ideal supplement for maintaining overall health on a daily basis with an emphasis on respiratory health in particular. It is especially suitable for adult individuals with busy and hectic lifestyles, who would like to gain greater stamina and vitality in their lives.

Kidney & Urinary Health

A Herbal Supplement for Maximal Body Energy, Equiguard®

Do you suffer from frequent nocturnal urination, cold limbs, fear of cold, and soreness and weakness in the lower back and knees? Or increase frequency of hair loss, sexual dysfunction, and prostate problems or menstrual disorders? These are signs of kidney deficiency according to TCM.

A kidney Yang or kidney Chi deficiency may be present when frequent, long and night-time urination, or dribbling after urination persists for a considerable period of time may impact on quality of sleep, leading to fatigue and affecting daily life and work performance. We should protect our kidney health and avoid premature ageing and a decline in organ function. Equiguard® is designed to help equalize Kidney Yang and Chi energy, maximize body harmony and delay ageing. It consists of Epimedium, Cherokee rose fruit, Chinese raspberry fruit, Malaytea scurfpea fruit, Morinda root, Chinese magnoliavine fruit, Glossy privet fruits, Dodder seeds and Astragalus, and has been shown to enhance fertility, strengthen bones and tendons, and relieve joint and limb problems.

Cardiovascular Health

Herbal Supplement for Cardiovascular maintenance

Don’t be at risk for cardiovascular problems !

Good cardiovascular health should start today!

Having a healthy heart and blood circulation is important in preventing heart disease. Additionally, healthy blood circulation helps maintain good mental acuity. Take H-CareTM today to support healthy blood circulation and to keep your mind sharp. H-CareTM is made with 100% red sage root extract, a herbal supplement for both mental and physical well-being. The actions of red sage root include harmonizing the blood, calming the mind, and activating blood flow in the tissues. It has long been used as an important ingredient in health promotion. It is often included as an ingredient in prescriptions for menstrual or pelvic disorders.

Vital Energy Health

Herbal Supplement for Vital Energy Health

Do you suffer from dry mouth, thirst, tiredness or a lack of energy?

In TCM, health means both the body’s physical form and its functions are dynamically balanced. If its harmony is disturbed, health problems can occur. An unhealthy lifestyle can easily lead to an unbalanced state; as tensions and long working hours can overload us making it hard to rest and recharge properly. Experiencing mouth dryness, hoarseness, sore throat, tired eyes, fatigue and hot flashes not related to another illness may be indicative of stress overloading the body. According to TCM, these are signs of both Chi and Yin deficiency. Replenishing and nourishing the body to prevent stress from developing into physical damage is important. 

By being alert to stressful situations and how the body reacts to stress acutely and over extended periods of time, an individual can replenish and nourish the body to prevent stress further developing into physical damage. 

GinZENTM  mainly consists of American Ginseng, and functions to invigorate Chi (vital energy), nourish Yin, clear internal heat and enhance the production of body fluids. The active ingredient effects help maintain the body’s normal repairing and recharging processes to keep it well balanced. It is often used for Chi and Yin related deficiency syndromes, fatigue, thirst and dry mouth. Its unique tonic effects help maintain the body’s normal repairing and recharging processes to keep it well balanced. GinZENTM is an ideal herbal supplement for counteracting stressful urban life.